Thursday, July 20, 2006

Locker Room Roulette

So at the fitness center, they seem to randomly hand out the locker keys (maybe to keep people from having to have lockers right next to each other?). I've decided to keep track of my locker assignments, and eventually maybe try to predict what I'll get next.

Tuesday, July 18: 76
Thursday, July 20: 79 -- Today they put me directly across from an agitated man who had his luggage in the locker room.
Tuesday, August 1: 5
Monday, August 7: 101
Tuesday, August 8: 60
Wednesday, August 9: 100
Tuesday, August 15: 118
Thursday, August 17: 49
Tuesday, August 22: 79 - back in locker 79 again. Maybe I should leave something (a sticker, or a card?) in the locker each day, and see if it's still there when I'm assigned that locker again...
Thursday, August 24: oops, I forgot which locker I was assigned that day.
Tuesday, August 29: 45
Tuesday, September 19: Hmm, I haven't kept up very well. Today: 118
Ok, narrowly avoiding catching a nasty cold before vacation in Cancun (where we did use the gym twice at the hotel), I'm working to get back to my routine.
Thursday, October 12: 79 - Three times at this locker now!
Tuesday, October 17: 39
Thursday, October 26: 38
Tuesday, May 15: 16
Thursday, May 17: 18